CMS 20x42B

The 20x42B CMS was designed from inception to be a lightweight, easily transportable anti-material rifle. A flat trajectory ensures target engagement is not easily achievable with an LV/MV 40 mm grenade launcher. The compact size of the weapon system makes it ideal for parachute deployments into hostile territories, yet capable of eliminating hard targets such as communication towers, missile emplacements, as well as armoured vehicles. The 20x42mm ammunition, although sub-sonic, has an effective range of 1000m. It is capable of delivering a devastating payload due to the variety of ammunition available, from PRAC rounds all the way to the highly specialised SAPHEI version.

Barrel length 13.75”


Muzzle Brake, Operators Manual (English), 2 x 5 Round Magazines, Bi-Pod, Cleaning Kit (Oil, Flannelette, Brass Brush, Cleaning Rod)

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Manufactured Upon Request   |  POR
Military use only

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Black, Desert Sand, O.D. Green


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