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ProLaser 3

The ProLaser 3 has been our most popular and best selling laser instrument since 2000. With 640 ProLasers sold in South Africa and neighbouring countries alone, the ProLaser is still to date our most preferred laser instrument.

The ProLaser is a very cost effective and versatile instrument for law enforcement or traffic monitoring for the smallest traffic department, to the biggest. With departments always looking for a variety of systems to promote safer roads, you can ensure that every area of your district is covered.

The ProLaser has a 1:1 heads-up display, a user-friendly interface and an inclement weather mode. In the inclement weather mode, the operator can use the ProLaser 3 in any weather condition. Most lasers fail to operate under extreme conditions, such as fog, snow, dust and rain, whereas the ProLaser 3 continues to provide accurate speed measurements.

As with the rest of our products, the ProLaser 3 offers the option of hand-held or tripod mounting, and has a long battery life. The choice of attaching a video camera to the rear of the instrument allows the operator to easily play back his measurement process and provide the necessary evidence if there is any doubt.

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