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MVR and Digital EyeWitness

Whether monitoring speeding offences, drivers on their cell phones, skipping of red-lights or stop signs, crossing of solid barrier lines, high speed chases, obstruction of justice, robberies or even undercover surveillance operations, the Truvelo MVR combined with the Digital EyeWitness, offers the most effective in-car monitoring solution. All the data is transferred to a media device of your choice where all the information is watermarked, making it your primary evidence in court.

Truvelo has had the MVR on the market for 10 years and in that time we have perfected one of the easiest, one-button operation systems available to date. With operating modes including Pursuit, Time and Distance, Statistics, Parameter view, Memory status and many more the Truvelo MVR has everything that the officer requires for any patrolling duties.

With over 40 patrol vehicles installed with the MVR system for 8 departments in South Africa, Truvelo has great knowledge of installing these systems in a variety of vehicles in a professional manner, without obstructing any of the vehicle’s general functions.

With so much versatility with regard to monitoring general road safety as well as patrolling highways, the Truvelo MVR with the Digital EyeWitness is the ultimate unit for traffic departments. With the MVR the daily calibration, that ensures accuracy, is a fully automated procedure, eliminating human error or interaction as far as possible.

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