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The LaserWitness is another new addition to our product range. With its ease of setting up, user-friendly interface and powerful outcome, the LaserWitness is truly a unique system.

It has the popular ProLaser 3 as a sensor and a very effective video camera, which will ensure that all your violation information is watermarked and stored to a removable SD Card. The benefit of the LaserWitness and its watermarked information, your primary evidence, is that the operator can now record a vehicle from a further distance, read and verify the number plate at a closer distance and prosecute the vehicle from the further distance, if he wishes to do so.

With the added benefit of having a GPS fitted to the LaserWitness, at a rate of 4 samples per second, the system can be fitted to the inside of a vehicle with a removable bracket on your seat and the operator can utilize the system for “in motion” speed prosecution.

The LaserWitness has the option of being used in a manual fashion, whereby the operator manually triggers the LaserWitness to begin its measurement process, or in an automated fashion, whereby the operator sets the desired speed limit and the LaserWitness does everything by itself.

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