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IFS, or Intelligent Flash Simulator, is a smart tool to install into your permanent sites when there is no D-Cam present, as it acts as a camera. As soon as a vehicle exceeds the set speed limit, the IFS will trigger the auxiliary flash, resulting in the driver thinking the site is active. With the functionality of providing other traffic statistics, the department can easily determine if a D-Cam should be put in place at a site.
The IFS is a versatile tool for gathering and monitoring a site when a department doesn’t have D-Cams at all its sites. While your cameras are monitoring dangerous locations, the IFS keeps the site “active” by triggering the auxiliary flash for traffic calming purposes. With all the necessary statistics, such as total vehicle counts, logging highest, lowest and average speeds and tracking the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit, the IFS will provide the department with enough information to determine if a D-Cam should be moved from a calmed location back into the site.

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