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Falcon HR

Whether used for speed monitoring, law enforcement or traffic calming on public roads, private sector or sporting events, the Truvelo Falcon HR is a powerful tool to fulfil your specific needs. The Falcon HR is a lightweight unit, with low power consumption, option of setting the direction and traffic direction indicator.

The Truvelo HR is one of our newest additions to the Truvelo family of products, which is replacing our very popular TSR-1 radar unit. The Falcon HR has a large back-lit LCD display, providing all necessary information from target speed, target direction and many more features. The battery provided with the unit provides over 16 hours of operation with a single battery cycle. The Falcon HR has the option of connecting a variable message signboard to it, for the use of traffic calming in residential areas, at schools and shopping centres, or on roads that are under construction or experience high traffic.

The operator can easily adjust the volume on the instrument as well as the sensitivity or range of the Falcon HR or change the direction of traffic which he would like to monitor.

The Falcon HR has the option of being fitted to the inside of the department’s vehicle for stationary or mobile enforcement, can be connected to the Digital EyeWitness, or installed on a tripod for stationary monitoring, as well as hand-held use.

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